API Link to Zapier does NOT give me access to my bases


Ok, so maybe I have missed something, but I am trying to generate a new AirTable record to new Ticket Tailor orders.

I link Zapier to my AirTable via the API, but when I look to access my base in AT to build an Action in Zapier, the only bases that show are preset/Demo ones that I did not create. I have tried searching for my bases, but no luck.

So I can’t get past this step because I can’t access the base I have in AT??

Any help really appreciated.


Sounds like you copied their sample API key instead of getting your personal key found in your account settings


Hmm if only. Thanx for such a prompt response openside, but I chcked by generating a new personal API, but the result was exactly the same.

It is incredibly frustrating, and support from AT seems to be lacking. Now I am getting this message from Zapier… “Airtable issues: Our automated systems have detected an issue with Airtable. We’ll update this incident manually if necessary”

Any assistance would be very much appreciated