API linked records question


When working with linked records, is there any way use the record ID to search across all tables in a base or to “get” the table name of the linked record?

As far as I know right now, there’s really no way to dynamically build the query that gets the linked record, i.e., you have to parse the field key to figure out what table is being linked to, etc. This seems really clunky.


I faced this same issue a while back.

What I did is wrote a function (I was coding in JAVA…but you could very easily use this idea in any other language which supports HTTP calls) to abstract this complexity.

It basically took a record ID and fetched all data of the linked records.
I coded my own structure to handle this abstraction.

Keep in mind that Airtable has a rate limit on the API.

Its been sometime since I coded this out.
I cant seem to find the code now…will post it here when I am able to find it:)

Cheers to Airtable!


Hi Andrew, just following up on this. Did you find your code?

Alternatively, does anyone know if Airtable have introduced any updates to simplify API access to linked records?