API Patch delete a single field

I can’t find how i can delete a single field thru the API. And i rather stay away of the PUT command and feed everything back from a request, minus the one field i want to delete.
So… how can i empty a field or blank it with a patch command?

You should be able to just send an empty pair of quotation marks like this: ""

I tried that, diden’t work. It’s a currency field. I’ll test if it works with another field type, but i need a solution for the currency field.

So i did some testing. I can only delete a single line text field with a pair of quotation marks. It doesen’t work with the currency field and neither with a number field.

That’s strange. It works with None. I thought i tried that befor but … seems something else wasen’t right, when i tried it the first time. :white_check_mark:

For a currency field or a number field, just send the word null (without quotation marks around it). The quotation marks would turn it into a text string.

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