App Comparison Study Table Layout


I’m brand new to AirTable and trying to figure out the best layout for my project. I am starting a comparison study on a particular set of software applications. Originally I had my research set up in a Google doc with the app names across the top and the list of features on the left. Then I realized that I needed something a bit more versatile, and I friend recommended AirTable.

I tried playing with the User Studies/Feedback template, but I’m a little unsure of the best way to plan my tables and fields. It doesn’t look like there is a way to link a column header title on a table to the fields on another table, so I can’t really do it the way I was doing it in the spreadsheet.

I’m not sure where to start with this. Has anyone done a similar project before? Do you have recommendations for how to structure the project? I’m a little concerned that I’m going to put a lot of work into setting something up, and then realize that I did something wrong and need to start over. Any ideas are very appreciated.

Thank you!


What do you mean? :thinking:

You do the opposite, Apps on the left (because the records are shown as rows), and Features on top, as “columns” (Fields in fact). The rest is the same.

Of course, in addition to a Apps table, you could have more tables to store Companies information, Features explanations, and so on.