App error screen + "Error: comment count out of sync"

Hello! One of my apps is crashing (showing the “Sorry, an error occurred”) screen intermittently and I don’t know why.
What I know:

  • It usually takes a minute or so of refreshing the app before it is able to load.
  • The airtable record data the app references is changing a lot throughout the data so it might be related to that
  • I have been unable to reproduce this error when I am ‘block run’ mode via the CLI. So far I have only seen it happened on the ‘release’ version of the app
  • the browser console says Error: comment count out of sync a ton of times when I open it after the app crashes
    Does anyone have an idea what’s going on? Thanks so much for your help. Here is a screenshot:

update - I got rid of that particular error and stopped the error screens by removing the component that was referencing RecordFixtureData.commentCount (duh). not sure why that messed it up though, and it still gets stuck on the loading screen for 3 out of 4 attempts to load it full screen :person_shrugging:

update - it seems to be happening again even after I removed the aforementioned component :person_shrugging::person_shrugging:

solution - Airtable support had be update the Blocks SDK to 1.10.2 and it solved this issue :slight_smile:

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