Append Text using a formula


UPDATE: I figured out how to do this on Zapier’s end before it even gets to Airtable :slight_smile:

I’m using Zapier to pull in URLs from Instagram posts and put them into a base I have set up.

I want to use a formula to add media/?size=l immediately after the URL (not leaving any spaces), but I’m not sure how to do that or if that’s possible.

I’ve experimented with CONCATENATE and ARRAYJOIN functions, but I haven’t had success. Maybe I’m overlooking something or am not writing the formula correctly.

Here’s an example of what I want to happen:

If the URL pulled into Airtable is, I want to automatically show up in another cell/record on Airtable using a formula.

Can you share any suggestions? Thanks!


I had a similar issue - records coming in from Typeform needed a “full name” field, when our typeform asks for first name and last name separately.

I was able to use the concatenate formula (even in the primary field, which surprised me!)

Curious to know your Zapier workaround. I’m falling in love with Zapier more and more daily.



Melissa, hey! I’ll send you a message about the Zapier workaround in order to help keep this thread Airtable-centric :slight_smile: