Apply a formula in a reservation form

Good morning, everyone,

I need your help. I am creating a form to book courses according to the courses offered by the teachers.
Let me explain, the client selects in the form the name of the teacher with whom he wishes to work.
And in a second field, I would like only the courses offered by the chosen teacher to be displayed.
I created a database per teacher.

For example:
I have 3 professors: Professor A, Professor B, Professor C
And each teacher gives 3 classes.
Professor A gives the courses: math, French and geography
Professor B gives the courses: history, English and physics
Professor C gives the courses: Biology, chemistry and sport.

Here’s what I’d like to see in the form:
Question: Select your teacher?
Answer: Professor B

Question: Select your course?
Answer: history

=> only the courses offered by Professor B would be displayed.

Is this possible and how?

Thank you in advance,


Airtable’s native forms don’t allow for this kind of conditional logic. You’ll need to use a third-party tool like On2Air: Forms (working through Jotform) to pull this off.