Applying Checkmark to multiple items in a table


Hi, I am new to Airtable, I have searched but can’t find the answer. I am importing a spreadsheet of about 2500 rows and am planning on adding more, new data. The existing 2500 have been proofed, but the new ones will not have. I want to add a check box and mark the 2500 existing ones to indicate they have been done, but don’t want o have to check 2500 boxes manually. Is there a way to set multiple items to checked? TIA


There are a couple ways you could handle that, but the simplest might be to

  1. Manually check the first record
  2. Select the checked field an copy it (cmd/ctrl + c)
  3. Select the entire checkbox column (click the column name)
  4. Paste the check into all records (cmd/ctrl + v)

That will check them all for you. Then you can add new rows and they will be unchecked by default.


Thanks! That was easy!


you could also set a formula that may be able to auto check the records you already put in there based on a status - hard for me t explain but i would say check out the formulas Airtale offers because they can do A LOT! Also, if you ever need to copy/paste or check multiple boxes, you can select that field and then drag down from the bottom right of the field and it will fill in the rows you select underneath them. so instead of clicking you are just dragging your mouse down the page.