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Hi community,

I noticed toward the end of last week that some of my go-to apps aren’t working within my Airtable bases. I recognize today that the issue is related to using the Firefox browser, which has never been a problem before. (Using Chrome, all is well.) Anyone else experiencing this? My browser is updated and I hope this is a temporary bug.

Ex1) I can submit text in the search app, but no results are generated. I have the ability to change the view being searched, but it makes no difference.

Ex2) The map app is nearly unresponsive. When I expand to full screen I can see the settings, but it doesn’t make any difference if I modify the fields.

In each case, the formatting within the app is wonky, too. I’ve included two screenshots to demonstrate.

Anyone have any thoughts?? Leads? --Thanks for any insights!

Screenshot_2021-04-05 Farmer Outreach Interactions - Airtable Screenshot_2021-04-05 Farmer Outreach Interactions - Airtable(1)

Hi @Maggie_Norton,

Sorry, I don’t have an answer for you, but I just launched Airtable in my Firefox browser, and all the apps are working properly and everything is displaying properly. Search app is working properly, Map App is working quickly & responsively, and there are no formatting problems within the grids or the apps.

You said that your Firefox is already up-to-date — so you’re already on Firefox version 87.0 (64-bit), correct? Perhaps try completely logging out of your Airtable account & logging back into your Airtable account again? Maybe try clearing the Firefox cache? Also — perhaps your’e using a VPN which might be slowing things down, which might prevent the apps from fully loading or formatting properly?

Just some ideas that might help.

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Ah ha! Clearing the browser cache did the trick, @ScottWorld. Thanks for the suggestion!

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That’s great! Glad I could help! :slight_smile:

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