April product updates

Hello Airtable Community!

We wanted to gather all of April’s product updates in one place, to make sure we keep you in the loop.

Here is a list of changes, big and small, that we introduced in April:

  • We are excited to announce that Calendar View has come to Android!
  • Airtable’s External Table Sync with Box now supports the “Created By” field.
  • Users can now reconnect external accounts in order to renew their permissions.
  • Whether you are new, or very familiar, with Airtable we all know how helpful documentation can be for figuring out things on the fly. Getting help has never been easier with the release of our new in-product Help Center. Clicking on “Help” within Airtable will now give you access to interactive guides, videos, and search access to our support documentation.


Hi @Rose_K ,

clicking on the Link above give this unexpected result:

Connecting to


with your Airtable account to access Zendesk

Could you fix that issue ?

Many thanks,


Thanks for calling that to my attention @Olpy_Acaflo! The link should be fixed now :slight_smile:

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Yes. @Rose_K , you fixed it !
Many thanks,