Archiving records

I need a feature where I can archive a particular record so that once that record is archived it cannot be changed in the future or be affected by some of my other formulas or automation. I want it to be “locked”.

Could you create an automation to push that record to another service (Google Sheet) or another Airtable base entirely based off a checkbox criteria or select list perhaps?

I mean yeah, but if I chose Airtable I would like to stick with it and not to have external sheets and documents if you get me.
Who knows, maybe I want to have some kind of statistics, and if data is changing non-stop, those information and let’s say numbers won’t be correct. Maybe the depend on USD to RSD value or something like that. You know…

This is a useful business requirement but there are many more you should consider before asking for a specific recommendation. At the outset, no one should contemplate an archival strategy with Airtable without a firm understanding of scale - how many archive records are we anticipating? Another - what analytics are you anticipating for data “at rest”?

I would read this - specifically the latter part of the article which deals with a segmentation of operational vs historical data.

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