Are Airtable integrations still being reviewed?

Hi forum!

Can anyone from the community let me know if their Airtable integration was reviewed after submitting it? We’re getting radio silence recently – just want to understand the timelines so we can plan our developer resources for this quarter.

Our timeline so far:

  • April 17: Submitted an app
  • May 9: emailed asking for an update
  • May 12: got an email from Albrey asking for changes to the integration
  • May 16: made the changes, resubmitted, emailed to confirm changes were made
  • June 6: emailed asking if there was an update
  • June 16: emailed asking if there was an update
  • June 27: emailed asking if there was an update

Airtable Blocks SDK talks about a 2 week turnaround time, but it’s now been almost two months since we last heard from Airtable.

Once an integration is approved, is there a similarly long turnaround time for any changes to the integration? I’d hate to be telling a customer that it’ll take 2+ months to respond to bug reports. :frowning:

Hmm, same here. I think people are just on vacation now. :smile:

We are exactly in the same position. We submitted our app back in May, no replies to our follow-ups. It would be awesome to get at least a reply that review takes 3-4 months, and we would acknowlege it. At the moment, everyone is sitting in the dark. I also hope that once the app is reviewed the update process is faster :slight_smile:

As of Aug 1, our extension was reviewed and published. Reading between the lines of the email we received, it seems like this might have been a one-off delay. Hopefully it’s smooth sailing from here!


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