Array Unique Function for Linked Tabs

I have a base I am using for rehearsing a play. I have several tables including a character table,

which I linked to the scene table, inputting which characters appear in each scene,

finally linking a rehearsal table which has which scenes are being rehearsed on any given day.

In the rehearsals table, I am trying to find any characters that will appear in any of the scenes rehearsed that day, without duplicates. I have tried a rollup command and a function command. I have played with ARRAYFLATTEN and ARRAYUNIQUE to no avail. Can anyone help?

It would be great as well if I could then switch over to the Characters table and see what days any character might need to come to rehearsal. I think I must have linked something incorrectly at some point.

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Because you want information from two tables away, you need a lookup field in your intermediate table. Then you rollup that lookup field.

In your scenes table, create a lookup of your characters. This information in the lookup will show exactly the same as the linked record field.

Then in your rehearsals table, create a rollup of that lookup.

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Ah! Thank you so much. Is it possible to get rehearsal dates to now show for characters?

Do the same process of creating a lookup and a rollup, only in the other direction. Lookup the dates, then rollup the dates.

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