Arrayjoin(ArrayCompact) + IF statement

I am analyzing data from an evaluation form where all field are mandatory. When reporting them using Page Designer I want to omit any entries where the person has typed n/a (with any combination of capital or lowercase letters). My first thought was that there needs to be an IF statement in there some where, but where? Currently I have:


Hi @Whitney_Wilson ,

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The IF statement will have to work on each field individually, are you sure you want to do that? Maybe it would be a better option to make the questions with a checkbox or a single select THEN if the single select is YES you open up a mandatory text field?

Thanks for the help! …sorry for the delay in reply.
I don’t want them to have the option of answering the question, at the moment its a mandatory field. Some cheeky participants are getting around that by typing ‘N/A’, was just wondering if I could avoid displaying those in Page Designer.

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