ARRAYJOIN doesn't take recognise separator


> As detailed on this page, the ARRAYJOIN function is supposed to let you choose a separator. However, no matter what I type for the separator, it remains as a comma without a space after it.

The relevant part of my formula code:
(ARRAYJOIN(Author, ", ")

{Author} contains two items in the array: “Surname, Name” and “Surname2, Name2”.

What I get after ARRAYJOIN: “Surname , Name,Surname 2, Name2”.

Just in case, my full formula code:
SUBSTITUTE(CONCATENATE(SUBSTITUTE(ARRAYJOIN(Author, “, “), '”’, ‘’), " (”, Year, "). ", Title, ". ", Publication, ", ", Volume, “(”, Issue, "), ", Pages, “.”), “()”, “”)


I was struggling with this too, but just got it to work. I think the documentation here on ARRAYJOIN is not very clear.

Above documentation shows brackets [ ] in the formula like this ARRAYJOIN([1,2,3], "; ")

But I got it to work just by taking the brackets out:

ARRAYJOIN(values, "; ") succeeds in returning the string with a semicolon separator instead of a comma