Arrayunique - can't understand why it not working


Please help me to get unique values in my table!
I am trying to organize some data:
Have 3 tables: Supplier, Brand, Groups
And want to see unique values in group field on Supplier table.
I trying to get it from linked Brands table, but cant figure how to remove duplicate Groups.


As I only have limited visibility into your base, I’m not certain this is the answer, but I suspect your answer can be found in this earlier post. Essentially, [Group1, Group2] is different from [Group2, Group1] — so ARRAYUNIQUE() would return [Group1, Group2, Group2, Group1]. As I recall, there are workarounds available…

(Apologies for so telegraphic a reply, but I’m typing from a friend’s PC, using a horrible keyboard…)


Thank you!
Sounds pretty obvious and i have a thought that that should work that way, but gain full understanding only after making copy of your sample database and looking into Kit properties :slight_smile:

Appreciate your help, i love this airtables <3


Glad to be of assistance!