Assign Multiple Select Options to an Index Field


I’d like to restrict the input on a primary field to standardized input using a multiple select.

Why is it not available?



My assumption would be that a Primary Field is supposed to be unique and selecting options from a Multiple Select field is not in line with that thought. But that’s just how I see it…


Thanks for the info. It doesn’t appear that it has to be unique. It’s a field that contains a product name, so there will be duplicates.


Maybe you could create a Multiple Select field, and make the Primary Field to be a Formula that gets that values?


Thanks for the suggestion Elias.

I suppose I could, but then I have basically two columns with basically the same information, since you can’t hide the primary field. It’s quite a wasted of screen and unsightly.

Not trying to be an artist or anything, but there you go.

If I could hide the field, it would certainly be a good workaround.