Assign value based on date lookup

I feel like I have been hacking my tables with columns just so I can get them to show up on a Page Designer block, so it’s possible I’ve hacked a bridge too far… But here’s what I’m trying to do:

I have a table that includes a column called Current Date. This column is a Formula field and each row has the value of NOW(), so that each row always shows whatever the current date is. This is the first hack, so that I could put today’s date on my page designer.

What I need now is the ability to add some variable text next to that Current Date, derived from the value of the date, as a lookup to another table called Schedule.

For example, Schedule has data like this:

Date | Schedule Type
Jan 23 2020 | A
Jan 24 2020 | B
Jan 25 2020 | C

So in my main table that is feeing my Page Designer block, I want to put text that shows:
“Today is {Current Date}: we are on schedule {Schedule Type}”

“Today is Jan 23 2020: we are on schedule A”

And then tomorrow it would show:
“Today is Jan 24 2020: we are on schedule B”.

Since it seems that I need all of the data to be in my main table, I’m trying to figure out how to get the Schedule.Schedule Type value to be in that main table at the time that I open my Page Designer block.

Generically, I seems like I should be able to use a calculated field in TableA.ColumnX to do a lookup TableB.ColumnY, given that TableA.ColumnX = TableB.ColumnX. But I cannot seem to configure TableA.ColumnX to do this.

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