Assigning Collaborators with If/Then Statements


New to Airtable. Looking for a way to use an if then statement to assign Collaborators or employees. Example: If we are installing a specific type of account, autofill the “Assign to” field. New account: Showroom - auto assign to: Natasha.

Not sure if this is possible or if there is a workaround.


Welcome to the community, Jordan! :smiley: Natively within Airtable, I don’t believe this is possible. Formulas can output numbers, strings, or dates, but not things like collaborator assignments, links, single-/multiple-select choices, etc. While you could write a formula that would put the name of an employee into the formula field as plain text, there’s no way currently to turn that text into a link or collaborator assignment without outside (API or other integration) help.