Assigning value to an option in a multiple select menu

Hello, I’ve been tinkering with this idea but I’m stuck.

I have a form with a Multiple Select field. Each option of this Multiple Select is the name of an activity. When the form is submitted, I’d like the table to add a value (I’m calling this “points”) according to the activity selected. So if Activity 1 was selected and the form submitted, 10 points are added to a field in the table. If Activity 2 was selected, it’s 8 points, and so on.

Anyone have an idea how to make this?
Many thanks in advance.

Hi @gbrl - use this formula field to find if specific activities have been selected and add up the scores:

  FIND('Activity 1', Activities), 
) + 
  FIND('Activity 2', Activities), 
) + 
  FIND('Activity 3', Activities), 


Excellent Jonathan, thank you!
That totally works.
Now that’s given me more ideas to go further…