Assistance with Dateadd & Workday Formula


I’m trying to create a formula that returns a workday date after 4 days are added. How do I adjust the field that is feeding the data, and the formula itself to always return a date that is on a weekday? It returns an “#ERROR” every time I try one of the formulas below.

DATEADD({Process Vetting Start Date},4,‘days’))
DATEADD(WORKDAY({Process Vetting Start Date},4,‘days’))
WORKDAY(DATEADD({Process Vetting Start Date},4,‘days’))

Thanks in advance

The WORKDAY function does not take a units parameter. Just the field name and the number of working days. It is documented in the formula field reference.

WORKDAY({Process Vetting Start Date}, 4)

If you answer is off by a day, you may need to adjust the timezone settings of the field format.

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