Attach File with Zapier Email


Hi All,

I made a Zap for sending a new rows in a view by Zapier email. In my Airtable row is a column with files.
My problem is that I could not figure out how to send an email with attachement. The only possibility i found was to send the file in the coulumn via airtable url to the file?

Does anybody know how send an email by zapier mail as attachement?

This are the options given by Zapier, none of them is an attachement option??

Airtable Zapier E_mail Attachment

Attachment File Names in Zaps

Can anybody help me please? :flushed:

Has the URL format for attachments changed in the last 24 hours?

Hi @Avi_Doe

It worked great for me - even with more than one file (they seem to be sent in a Zip file):


Thanks Julian!
It worked with the “url” for attachement.

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Hi all, I’m using @Julian_Kirkness set up, which seems to trigger the outbound email nicely but the attached file is always type ‘file’ which makes it impossible to open. When there are multiple files to be attached, then it zips it together but still are type ‘file’ when uncompressed.

Is this something happening to you too? Any idea what might be wrong?

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This seems to be a new problem. I also have it since today. :confounded: I hope it will be fixed very soon!


I found a solution with embedding dropbox into the zapier task.

With dropbox I can add a file extension and even rename the file. But this workaround is limited to one type of file format. But for the moment I can live with it.