Attachements Bulk Download

When i’m using a lookup, conditionnal lookup or simply if there is a lot of attachements in a field. Its often horrible to download each one of them individually.

It would be perfect to simply a button in the corner to “Download All” and then it could include everything in a .zip file.

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True. In the meantime, this tool should do the trick for you:

Bulk Download All Attachments from Airtable

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I need this too, but for a single row — not a Files column. I have a form that allows people to upload multiple assets as attachments… and having to click to download each one is frankly annoying.

Unfortunately @ScottWorld’s miniExtension doesn’t seem to handle this case.

I need the same feature, did you find a solution?

It’s not my tool.

The tool should work perfectly fine for @Victor_Proust and everyone else in this thread.

If not, there are plenty of other attachment extensions on that site to explore as well.

If not, it’s easy to create an automation in Integromat to bulk download your attachments for you.

Lots of options.

Man, that seems like a LOT of work for something that could easily be supported natively.

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