Attaching a document that corresponds to the entire table, not just a specific field or record

Is there a way I can add an attachment that coordinates to the entire table and not just a particular record or field in that table. For instance, instructions on how to complete the table and the rationale behind it. I did include field descriptions for each field but I need to explain WHY we need the data that goes into each field and record.

Check out the Description App.

You can also click on the name of your base at the top of the screen and choose “Base Description”.

My base contains over a dozen tables and each table requires a different set of data so putting it in the base description wouldn’t work.

Click on each tab and choose “Edit Table Description”.

Also, you can create multiple Description Apps as well.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I added the description app but its not what I really need. You can’t attach anything to the description app, you have to copy and paste the details. These are long instructions because each table has multiple fields. It would be easier if I could attach a word or pdf doc that explains how and why the entire table needs to be completed that someone can open in a different window or even print out.

I did that and created a summary of what the table is about and even did this for each field within that table if I could just attach the document that would be better. The document 3 pages long and includes a sample template with step by step instructions. It requires me to do so much work copy and pasting each step.

I would just create a new table called “Documents” or something like that, and then create a new record for each table that you want to provide documentation for.


That sounds like a plan. Thanks so much!!

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