Attachment field type: allow a label or more visible icon


I’m generally having a hard time seeing various areas of a record, especially when all fields are not populated. Whether or not an attachment exists is especially difficult to determine when looking at the database. In the screenshot below, if I look carefully I can see there is an attachment icon, but it’s really washed out and hard to spot.

Would it be possible to make the icon stand out more, or even better, to allow the filename or some other label to display next to it so that it would be easier to spot?

[I guess this is an aside, but I feel like I’m lacking some basic browser understanding that would help me find a “theme” or something so that I could have an easier go of reading web pages lately. Using Firefox 44.0.2 on Windows Home 7 Premium Edition.]


Can I second that motion? I think Airtable is superb, but I find it a weakness that you cannot easily identify attachments, not even with a popup notification of the filename. Simply seeing vague representations of a document is not helpful when you have a number of them.