Attachment File Size, Type, & # Limits



We have the form embedded into our website, and we have public applicants applying via airtable.

However, because we’re not able to limit the attachment size nor the number of files, we’re getting overloaded with applicants who upload a lot of huge files. We have to manually delete them.

Despite having clear instructions on the form for limited files size, type, and #, applicants don’t care sometimes.

It would be amazing if we could put a feature that can put limitations on the # of files, size, type per entry.

  • Ryan


This is a massively needed feature for one of my clients. Same situation: it’s an application that the public uploads photos too. It’s forcing them to deactivate member accounts in order to afford the monthly fee.


YES YES YES YES. I am using Airtable for my students, but it’s amazing how many of them upload multiple documents or in the wrong file format despite clear instructions.