Attachment linking between tables


We are in the trial mode for Airtable and liking it very much.

Is there a way/formula to link attachments between 2 different tables in a single base?

I would like to have a client add an attachment in their Deliverables Table attachment column and have it show up in our Project Table attachment column.

The Client Deliverable Table is linked to the Projects Table via the Project Tab in the Client Deliverables Table.

Hope this all makes sense


Hi Bryan

You can do this by using a Lookup field in the Project Table - linking to the Client Deliverable Table/Attachments field. Your lookup field will show all the attachments from the Client Deliverables.

I don’t think there’s any way to get attachments stored in other linked tables - or those in an attachment field on the Projects Table - to appear in the same field - but you can put them next to each other.