Attachment uploading does not work

I have problem that image attachments are not uploading from iPhone or iPad. It used to work but not anymore. Not from iPhone or iPad. But when I go Mac OS X, with the same Airtable account and to the same base, it works just fine.
When trying to upload on iOS GUI just shows “Uploading 1 attachment …” after submit button but nothing happens. And attachment is never stored to the base.
What’s wrong with iOS uploading? Anyone having same problem? How I can fix this?

Hi @Mikrint

I just tested this function and it seems to work, at lest for me. If you are going to be adding a lot of images, you might want to try automating the process with Integromat at

They have a free plan. They are also having a special promotion, (until December 30, 2020) when you have a paid plan, when you upgrade from Basic Plan approx. $9.00 US. When you do upgrade from Basic to Standard (paid plan to another paid plan) you get the Standard Plan for 1/2 price, for a year, regular price $29.00 US.

Here are some screenshots. First create an Attachment field in your database, though.

Hope it helps.

Mary Kay

Thank you for the reply, much appreciated.

And unfortunately my problem seems to kind of appearing and not appearing. I have seen it first time some weeks ago but then it went away pretty quickly. Now few days ago it re-appeared and didn’t go away. I was apple to repeat it easily on iOS devices. But now when I am writing this reply attachment uploading works again just nicely. Hmm. I didn’t do anything. It just started to work.
If issue will appear again then I will come back to this topic.

Hi @Mikrint

Good to know!

I would suggest that you send an email to Airtable Support, outlining your issue in detail, at, it would be good that they are informed, too.

Mary Kay

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