Attempt to add new 'interview' (linked field) gives #ERROR!

I’m new to using ‘Customer Development CRM’ from ‘Sales & Customers’ section of templates and have an issue. I see the example linked interviews but can not figure out how to add new interview events. Please help

  • Add new record - makes new record with #ERROR! in first (customer) field.

That would mean your {Customer} field is a formula. Open up that field’s settings and paste here the formula. We’ll need to adjust it to show blank instead of “Error” when one of its references is missing.

Thanks for the reply. Settings? Formula? How do I get to those? In customer view or interview view? Either way, I see nothing that looks like a formula

Total newb here…

whoops. This?

CONCATENATE(Customer," (",DATETIME_FORMAT({Interview date},‘M/D/YY’),")")

To be clear. This is one of your templates and I have done nothing to it, but try to explore and understand how to use it…

To put it simply, you’re getting an error because the formula is trying to insert field values from a {Customer} field and a {Interview date} field when one or both of those fields is empty. There’s nothing destructive about the error, if you populate those two fields you’ll see the error go away.

But to make the formula avoid showing an error in the first place you can update it to something like this:

IF(AND({Customer}, {Interview date}), CONCATENATE(Customer," (",DATETIME_FORMAT({Interview date},‘M/D/YY’),")"), '')

^ That should show a blank field instead.

Some quick coaching on Airtable’s UI: the ‘Fx’ to the left of a column’s name means its a Formula field (as opposed to a Date field or a Email field, etc.). You can edit a field’s settings by clicking the down arrow next to the column’s name.

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Thanks. Populating those fields seems to work.

Now I’ll move on to some further exploration.

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