Auto categorization


I’m quite new to Airtable and have been reading everything I can find (the oficial videos, the reference guide, several blog posts etc). But still can’t seem to get my head around this. Any help would be much appreciated.

This is my simplified current setup:

Table 1 - Events
Field 1: EVENT NAME [text]
Field 2: CATEGORY [single select dropdown]

Table 2 - Category Rules
Field 1: SEARCH STRING [text]

I’m importing data from another source into Table 1 and want to be able to auto categorize the Events.

So basically, if the value of EVENT NAME matches the SEARCH STRING on Table 2, the category field would be auto-selected with the correct category.

Is this possible with Airtable?

It would be super helpful if anyone could point me in the right direction. I really have no idea how to tackle this.

Thank you!



Pretty sure you’d need to write custom code and do this via the API



You could instead use a formula field in [Table 1] to categorize events without using a second table:

IF(FIND(<search string 1>,{Event Name}),'Category 1',IF(FIND(<search string 2>,{Event Name}),'Category 2',IF(FIND(<search string 3>,{Event Name}),'Category 3','No Match')))



Thanks Kamille,

thanks a sweet formula.

But I’m afraid I will really need a second table to be able to add “rules”. I guess I won’t find a way around using the API.

In that regard, I need to run the code somewhere else right? Is there a recommended service to add the API code?