Auto change today() on column

Hello, I don’t have a code and asking for an advice on How to do an action script that change the formula today() inside the column for I am doing a schedule weekly report in the data fetcher app and need to fetch the current date. Is it possible?

No script can edit a Formula. TODAY() is a formula function that will automatically change with each passing day, with no need for a script.

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Hi, Thank you for your reply.

May i know if there is a script that can change the formula to string? because I wanted to create a schedule script but first it needs to have the current date on the created new rows then auto-update it.

Standard javascript would be to use .toString() to turn any non-string into a string. Again, the script won’t be able to change the value of the formula field on the actual record unless you’re trying to insert it into a different, non-formula field.

Still not sure what you mean here. Do you just need the CREATED_TIME() formula? When you say “auto update” what type of field are you changing, what was the value originally, and what are you changing it to?

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