Auto-complete form fields via URL

Hello, I was wondering if it’s possible to configure a form to auto-complete different fields when accessing it from a URL.

The documentation for forms does not seem to mention any of this, and I think this would be a great feature to enhance our workflow.

In my case, a Slack bot automatically posts player reports for my game, and a in-line link button is generated on the message so that I can add a “Ban” record if the report is valid. Right now, the administrator has to fill a few fields that would otherwise already be specified in the message.

I believe adding parameters to a URL would make the implementation and usage of this possible feature very intuitive, like the following example:


I moved your post from “Feature Requests” to “Ask the Community” because this is already a feature:

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I’m embedding the forms on our web application so any parameters in the URL are lost. Is there another way to prefill fields on a form? Thanks!

Not through Airtable, but you might be able use Javascript to find the fields in the embedded form and pre-fill them