Auto-deleting records?


Hi there,

I have a Projects table and a Tasks table, as laid out in the Project Management demos from AirTable.

When a Project is completed, we check the “Complete” checkbox and that moves it from the Upcoming Projects view to the Past Projects view (which are simply the same tables, but with a filter based on the Complete checkbox).

However, when a project is completed, I’d like for all the linked tasks in the Tasks table to be deleted. Not moved to another place, but actually deleted.

Is there a way to automate this?



Using integromat. You could search for all records in that table that have that checkbox set to true, and then delete all the of tasks that belong to that project.

It has a pretty good first free tier, and a lot cheaper than zapier.


Thanks Jacob. You’re right, to do this in Zapier I’d have to pay because it’s a three-step scenario.

I’m looking at Integromat now.

I’ve created the initial step where Integromat watches the Past Projects view in order to see when new records are added.

How do I do the second step that searches for all the tasks that belong to that project?




Integromat has a Facebook page for posting inquiries, such as yours. You can also contact support by email, although, you may have to wait a while to get a response.