Auto enter a value dependant on value in another field


Hi - new to Airtable. I have a small web design agency and we manage hosting for some of our clients but not all.

Consequently I have a ‘Hosting’ field with 2 just two options, ‘Managed’ and ‘Not Managed’

I then have username and password fields.

When ‘Not Managed’ is selected in the Hosting field, I would like the Username and Password fields to be auto-populated with ‘not known’ rather than fill this in manually every time or left empty. When ‘Managed’ is selected there should be no action so we can fill in username/password manually. Can this be done?


Hi @Manofdogs - not exactly as you describe, I’m afraid. To get to this you would need a field to be both a formula and a text field. It can only be one or the other.

The closest you can get, I think, is to use the default text option on the single text field for username and password:

If this is set, when you create a new record, “Not known” will default into the username and password field, but you can still overwrite it if you want a different value:

This is sort of getting you to what you want but doesn’t tie the default text to the status field.

Hope this helps



Thanks - that’s a shame but not a showstopper