Auto-fill lookup values when new records are created

Hello! Here is my situation and what I would like to get accomplished:

I have three tables, 1,2,3. T1 has a list of candidates, who will either pass or fail (based on my selction of a single select value). For those who pass, I want to add their data to T2. Now this is simple using a Linked record in T2 that points to the record in T1. I am using T3 to host values. I consume these values in T2 as lookups in order to make some calculations. (eg. if score<T3 score then “expert”)

My question is, when I add a new person from T1 to T2, such that they appear in t2 thanks to the linked reorc functionality, how do i also call the records from t3 in order to keep doing the calculations? It seems every time there is a new record in t2 i have to also copy paste the linked records from t3 for them to show up in their respective lookup columns for the calculations to make sense. I tried filtering by those t3 linked record values thinking that any new record will auto-populate the corresponding lookup values but that doesn’t work, all new records are empty and get filtered out.

Is there a way I can auto-populate a linked record column with a certain value? In this case that’s t3 so that the t3 lookup values make sense in the formula.

Create a group that’s based on the field with the link. Because that link is required for any record that’s part of the group, adding a new record in that group will automatically add the link.

Thanks but I was looking for something more automatic becuse the database we use is really big and not convenient to do manually. I tried using an update record Zap but that doesn’t work if there are multiple records that need to be updated either :frowning: