Auto Import CSV


Hi all,

First time poster.!

I am looking to import a file each day that we receive via e-mail. Using Zapier I can save the attachment to G Drive but can’t figure out how to get this data into a base as it hits the folder.

I have tried using

  1. New file in G folder but you can’t see inside the file so you can’t map the data fields.
  2. I’ve converted the file to a Google Sheet to see if it was a CVS thing but same issue.

Any help would be gratefully accepted.


I’m waiting for the answer on this issue. I hope that the answer will be written soon, as a solution or method



Have you looked at the API? It should be straight forward to loop through the rows in your CSV file and create records in a table.



You could use Integromat to do this. You would have the ‘Scenario’ run once prepay and look for the file - if found you could use it’s Parse CSV ‘app’ to read the file - and any subsequent steps would then process for each ‘record’ in the CSV. Works like a dream.

Hope this helps!