Auto Number with Additional Zeros


Hi ~
I am trying to create SKU’s for my designs.
I would like to use a concatenate string which incorporates:

Is it possible to set up auto number so it creates a five digit number? Example 00001, 00002? instead of 1, 2, 3,

If not, I want to incorporate my auto numbers as part of the SKU for my designs.
Can I set up a concatenate formula where the number created is the auto number plus zeros in front of it.
This may be problematic because as the numbers increase the number of zeros in front should lessen.
e.g. 00001 -> 00010 '> 00100

I’d like it this way so my designs stay in order as the number of designs grows.

Or does someone have a better solution/suggestion?



This formula will do what you want; incorporate it as part of your SKU-creation routine.



Well that was awesome. That would have taken me at least a day, if not longer, to figure out.
Thank you!!