Auto-populate IP address?


For the base I’m using I’d like when people register for the table to auto-populate their IP address. I’ve gone through the formula list and have seen nothing related to this. Is this even possible with airtable or does it require some third party interaction?


Since the IP address will change can I get more information on what you are trying to accomplish ?


We use this airtable for registration as a gaming group. There can be situations where people will come in under a false discord name so that they can get information. Was trying to find a way to gather some form of locational info to narrow this down.


Yeah… that might work but everyone’s IP rotates constantly unless your network maps to an IP by MAC address or something.

Do they have some kind of scanable ID like a student ID or library card or drivers license or club membership card…

I saw a guy use a grocery store loyalty card as ID in an app…didn’t matter which one they just had to have one… the odds of a conflict were slim and it worked for him…

A web server can tell you where the request came from but I don’t think that Airtable exposes that information… it would be AWESOME to be wrong…


There isn’t any kind of id card scanned. Usually, what people do is run an emulated discord program so that the base discord ID is different so we can’t match by that either. It’s a tricky problem I’ve been trying to figure out.


Sorry to hear that … some people ruin things for the rest of us :frowning:

Seems like discord should have something for this … just sayin …