Auto populating a Form


I work for a youth engagment organisation. We have a community of several hundred young people in our network, and we put on various events and workshops throughout the year.

I’d like to know which events young people are attending over a 12 month period, and I am hoping to use Airtable to do this.

I plan to do this by having a ‘community’ sheet with an email address as a unique ID and a ‘projects sheet’ with an attendee field which links to the email field in the community sheet.

I’d like to create a form which people can put their email address into on arrival at an event, and if they are already in our base it will auto populate the rest of the fields, and if not, allow them to create a new record, assigned against that particular event.

Is this possible?

Thanks so much for your help!

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We’ve built an extension that pull your attendees records and pre-fill the Airtable Form if the record exists. If not, they’ll be able create a new record.

Prefill Airtable Form with Existing Record