Auto Scheduling in a table with data from another table

I’m using an Airtable base to track video production and scheduling. I would like to be able to “auto-schedule” YouTube videos in one table using a parameter from another table.

For example, in my “Production Pipeline” table I have 3 records. 1 record has a “PLANNING” status, and 2 records have a “LIVE” status. The two “LIVE” status records should then auto populate in my “YouTube Schedule” table and have a preset date (for example, rolling every Monday, Wednesday, & Friday). As each new record is set to live, it autopopulates in the second table and is auto-scheduled at the next available date.

Does this make sense? Trying to automate as much as possible! Thanks in advance!

There are no automation tools built into Airtable (everything is done manually within Airtable), but it sounds like you could use Zapier to accomplish this.

You would use the “New Record In View” trigger to trigger this automation, and you would need to create a new view in Airtable that is filtered to ONLY show you “LIVE” records. Whenever a record become “LIVE”, it would show up on this view… and then it would trigger the Zapier automation.

Note that you can only run this automation ONCE PER RECORD. If a record enters the view, exits the view, and then re-enters the view… the automation won’t get triggered a 2nd time.

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