Auto select parent record


I am working on a project and can not overcome the last obstacle for making Airtable the perfect solution. I am making a home inspection database. An inspector will visit a property and record a variety of inspection points.

I have a parent base set up to hold each property, then a second base set up to collect individual inspection points, each as a record related to the appropriate property in the parent base.

The problem is that I can find no way to have the inspector using the mobile app in the field be able to narrow down to a single property and enter inspection points for that property.

Every new sample point has to individually select the property to associate with. This is very cumbersome in the field and makes the solution impractical.

My first idea for a solution was to simply group the inspection points by the property, the let the inspector add to the appropriate project from the grouped view. However, I can find no way to impliment grouping from the mobile apps.

I am so close but just can’t get it usable fromthe field! Any advice?



It’s indeed odd that grouping doesn’t work at all in the mobile app. I wish I could say that I found a way to make it work after messing with it for a bit, but sadly I haven’t. Filtering and sorting are both there, but not grouping. Very odd.