Auto select "status" (single select field) based on which form the entry is submitted from

I have a single table in my base which has 5 forms. Each of those 5 forms is filled out by a different group of users at various stages of a review process. They all answer some variation of the same assessment, with a slightly different wording of questions plus or minus a few fields.

There is a single select field in the table (not shown in the form) that denotes the status or “Review Type” provided by which groups. For now, that is a manual field that I am selecting after a review comes in. (They are fairly sequential in process, so easy to determine which “type”.)

Is there a way for Airtable to auto select the “Status” on an entry (from a list of single select choices) based on which form the entry was submitted from?

Airtable cannot tell which form was used to create a new record.

However, there are ways to avoid manually setting the status.

One option is to add the “Status” field to the forms and prefill it based on the form. However, the user would have to see that field and you have to trust that the user will follow your instructions to not change it.

Alternatively, if you can tell which form was used from the fields that were filled out, you could turn the {Status} field in to a formula field and calculate the {Status}.

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