Auto-Selecting Single Select Field in Form

I have a task submission form for co-workers to use. I have a single-select field for my own use that lists where I am in the task (submitted, assigned, stalled, etc). I am using a calendar and kanban view to show all submissions from the form. But I do not have that field showing on my submission form as it’s just for me. However, I want that field to auto-select Submitted from that single select field. That way, in my views, it comes up because I have it filtered to show only the submitted selection. So my question - when a form is submitted, and creates a new record, is there a way for that one single select field to automatically select submitted?

Hi @Rachel_Romines - a single select field doesn’t have a default option so you can’t do this directly. However, in your form you can set the field so that it only shows one (in this case) option to the form user:

By also making this a required field, you are forcing your users to submit with the one option you want to see. Not a perfect solution, but hopefully this will work for you.


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You can achieve this by pre-filling the value in the form. Try something like

SingleSelect is what the field name is.
DONE is what the pre-filled value is
shrT3xFytWdfbBjAu needs to be your form’s ID.

Check out

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This is exactly what I needed and works perfectly! Thank you very much!

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