Autofill Dates for next week

I’m very new to airtable and trying to do what I imagine should be simple. I just want 7 rows with dates, starting with today, going forward 7 days. I want these rows to update every day so that I don’t have to do it manually.

I’d like to be able to do something similar with hours of the day, showing the current hour of the day and listing the next 8 hours in each row.

How can I accomplish this?

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Rows and not fields?

Welcome to the community, @brandon_bednar! :smiley: Could you share more details about your use case, and the end goal you’re trying to achieve? There’s not enough detail currently to have a clear picture of what you’re doing.

Have a field {Add Days} that says how many days to add for that row. Then use this formula field:

DATEADD(TODAY(), {Add Days}, 'days')


How do I get it to auto generate all the days of the year? I’m looking to set up a social media calendar, and want a list of each day of the year. Jan-Dec.


That is a different use case. In order to generate a new row for each day of the year, you must create new records. The original poster wanted to have only seven rows without adding more rows.

If this is a one-time generation of records, you can use keyboard shortcuts to generate a lot of rows quickly.

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Maybe I’ll start a new thread for my question.

Thanks for the info!

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