Autofill feature, changes dates, but modifies the time? How and Why?

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I am using the autofill feature to create re-curring items. Currently, for a calender I’m trying to create recuring items that occur every Monday. Since airtable cannot handle recurring for one line item, i’m trying to build this using the autofill feature. But, there is a small hiccup.


  1. I have a class on Monday night from 5pm-6pm. So, I create two records.
  2. RECORD 1: Start Date field - Oct. 7th 5pm End Date Field Oct. 7th 6pm.
  3. RECORD 2: Start Date field - Oct. 14th 5pm End Date Field Oct. 14th 6pm.
  4. Now, I select all four fields and use autofill to drag them down.
  5. It gets the dates right and will copy every Monday till the end of time. But, it also subtracts one hour from the times…so RECORD 3, RECORD 4, etc all go from 4pm to 5pm, instead of the proper time 5pm - 6pm…why does it subtract an hour, how do i prevent it changing the time?

Thank you.

Daylight Saving Time ends on November 1st. It looks like Airtable knows that, and is shifting the times for all auto-filled records after that date appropriately. If you manually change the first pair of records after that back to the correct time, you can drag-fill without any issues until you get to next spring when the time changes again.

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You can also force your times to remain static by putting them all in the GMT time zone (by enabling the GMT time zone option).

You can learn more about time zones in my sample base & training video here:

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