Autofill form field based on user input

Hey there!
We’re trying to make our team check and update their own info already recorded in a table.
Everyone will get a unique user and password.
Let’s suppose John signed in correctly… the form will check if his user and password does exist and will show some fields like his full name, address,… that are in the table. Now John can update his info if needed.

Is there a way to populate the fields based on the table’s records?

Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the community, @Alex3!

It depends on how much security you need for this.

Do you want to make sure that nobody ever sees the rest of your Airtable base, and that nobody ever sees other people’s information? If so, then you would need to use a portal tool like this one from MiniExtensions:

If you don’t really need the security, and you’re just looking for a more user-friendly interface for your Airtable base, then you can turn to Airtable’s new Interfaces feature to do this, and filter your records by the currently logged-in user:

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