Autogenerate 4 digit numbers

I am creating a client job tracker and would like to autogenerate 4 digit numbers, eg. 0001, 0002.
Can someome please help as I can only get a single digit or decimals so far.

Thanks Daz

Hi @Darren_Ledwich - you need an autonumber field (which you can then hide), then create a formula field using this:

REPT('0', (4 - LEN({ID} & ''))) & ID


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Jonathan that is brilliant.
Thanks so much for the quick response too.


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This is close to what I am looking for, but I’m not advanced enough to deconstruct that formula.
Is there a way to customize an alphanumeric code with some static characters… Example: In Excel, I can enter “3.1-001” into a cell, then “3.1-002” in the next, then auto-populate the rest of the cells. Is there a workaround/solution for this?

Just use the formula that @JonathanBowen provided and add some text at the beginning.

For example, if you want the alphanumeric code to start with “3.1-”, then use this:
"3.1-" & REPT('0', (4 - LEN({ID} & ''))) & ID

The number 4 is used to calculate the number of times that the text ‘0’ is repeated.
If you want more zeros, you can use a higher number in the formula.

Excellent. That’s simple. Thanks.