Autogenerate QR code of record URL

Every record has a unique URL. It seems so obvious to me that there should be a field type that is a QR generator simply for the URL to that record.

My goal is to label physical items with a QR code so I can use a smartphone to scan the QR code and have the Airtable app open directly to the correct record so it can be viewed/updated. I can copy the record URL and generate a QR code and this works perfectly, but I’m not going to do that for every record. Seems like it should be an available feature.

There are so many work-arounds for creating QR codes but why not have unique record URL be an automatic QR code like so many other solutions out there…?

Yes, it would be nice if that was built into Airtable. In the meantime, @Moe at MiniExtensions has created a few QR Code extensions to help out with this:

And this one in particular might be helpful to you: