Automate Creation Of New Record


I have records in one table, and when a checkbox is selected, I would like that record to be copied to another table in the same base.

The reason for this is that I am pushing information from Airtable into another app. However, because Airtable lacks the ‘trigger on update’ functionality, I can only trigger from a new record or a new record in a view.

These records may be updated a number of times, so even the new record in a view does not do what I need it to (because it will only trigger the first time).

So, what I am left with is to copy the updated record to a new table every time I want to push it to the other app.

I’d like to at least automate this so that I can just use a checkbox to trigger that action.

Is there a way to do this? A script, some hidden functionality that isn’t evident?


The only thing I’ve found has been to create a linked-record field called something like {Last Update} pointing to a table whose primary field is the CREATED_TIME(). Instead of clicking a checkbox, one creates a new linked record (three mouse clicks rather than two).

If there isn’t a field in your main table containing RECORD_ID(), add one, with a lookup or rollup field in [Last Update] to retrieve it. Now trigger on new [Last Update] records, retrieve the record based on ID, and pass it to your other app. It adds an action to your workflow, so if you’re near the plan limit you may have to upgrade.

Admittedly, it’s a kludge, but it’s not that onerous a one.

That said, there are others here far more adept at Zapier or Integromat than I; with luck, someone will show us both a better method.

Edit: This is my day for forgetting to provide formulas. Here’s what I use in the primary field:



That is awesome, thanks so much!