Automate CSV Import


I’m looking for a file-linked or import-only table so that we can regularly push data from our CRM into our Airtable project management app without having to manually re-import the CSVs every day.
It would be nice if we could schedule import or cause the re-import/update to be triggered whenever the CSVs are changed.


Have you looked into Zapier? You can use it to connect Airtable and Google Sheets, and set it up so that when new records are created in Sheets they are also created in Airtable. I believe finding/matching/updating records when records are modified (rather than created) can also be done, though it is slightly more complicated.


You can also connect Excel (Office 360) and Airtable through Zapier


An app automatically creates a CSV in my Dropbox. How would I automatically update an Airtable view with this information? Using Zapier?


Something that might be relevant: one of the blocks from our newly released Airtable Blocks platform is the CSV import block.

Now, the CSV import block doesn’t import CSVs automatically. However, the CSV import block will remember your field mappings when you import other CSVs in the future. That way, all you need to do is drag and drop the CSV file onto the CSV import block, and click one button.